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Sold out! Lost in space - CropLost in space

Lost In Space

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Original mixed media painting using various inks, acrylic paint and pearl pigments. For a video to see how this painting interacts with the light p ...
Mandala EarringMandarla-earring-2 sq

Mandala Earrings

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Pay tribute to the divine powers at work in the universe with these gorgeous mandala style earrings. Materials: Wood, hypoallergenic metal, bead, U ...
Sold out! Revive Cushion Mockup - CropRevive

Revive – Cushion

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Original Alcohol Ink painting digitally printed on a cushion. Front: Artwork Back: White Material: Polyester Size: 50x50cm / 20×20″ Shipping: ...
Sold out! Revive Print (styled)Revive closeup (snapfish)

Revive – Print

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Digital Print of original Alcohol Ink painting. Size: 30x40cm / 12x16" Material: Professional Grade Paper Finish: Glossy Shipping: Posted ...
Sold out! Handmade Ceramic Juicer

Squeeze on Me Juicer

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Kitchen gadgets don't all have to be ugly and hidden away... instead, why not buy showstopping pieces you will want to display that last years and can ...
Sold out! seashell-in-love

Tranquility Earrings

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Is it just us, or do these earrings have you wanting to be sipping a Mai Thi while reading your favourite book at the beach? These beauties are subtle ...
Adonis Blue earring

Wings Earrings

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Symbolising metamorphosis, these gorgeous butterfly/fairy style earrings represent transformation and encourages the wearer to evaluate life in its cu ...