handmade with love...

from our family, to yours x
Our business is family owned and our products are designed and crafted with love by hand in locations across Australia including Brisbane (QLD), Warrnambool (VIC) and Mount Gambier (SA). What started as a random Christmas shopping trip browsing through a jewellery/art store together, ended in a conversation about a mutual love for creating and before we had even left the store, the business partnership was birthed!  What better way to create loving pieces for others, than with your own loved ones.  We hope you enjoy wearing and using our pieces as much as we enjoyed hand crafting them.

Chelsea Sargeant


Joanne McMain


Reduce, Reclaim & Repurpose

One mans trash is another mans treasure! In addition to new pieces, we reclaim goods that would otherwise end up in landfill and upcycle them into gorgeous modern products to give them a second life.  

Our intention is that our products get passed down within families and avoid becoming waste. If and when one of our items (or someone elses) no longer has a place with you, we have a buy-back scheme.

Return your unwanted jewellery to us and we will ‘buy it back’, issuing you with a credit (to be determined based on the value of your products) which can be used on our online store.  

Reducing our environmental impact is a core focus of our brand.  We reduce waste and where possible we use recycled and compostable packaging.

Vegan / Cruelty Free

Catering to the needs of our compasionate consumers is important. We are working towards being a cruelty free brand and it is our goal to only use materials and supplies from cruelty free companies. 

For the most part, none of our range includes products that have been tested on animals and contain no animal parts or by-products. However, some products contain beeswax and animal fats (such as clay and paints) and therefore we cannot currently call ourselves a vegan brand.

Producing quality and affordable products is also part of our business model so we are currently still sourcing and hope to be entirely cruelty free soon.